The News Literacy Project has created multiple quizzes to help you become a better media consumer.

QUIZ #1: Should you share it?

  • This quiz helps you make healthier choices about the digital information you are consuming and sharing.

QUIZ #2: So, What’s the First Amendment?

  • This quiz asks you 10 questions to test your knowledge of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

QUIZ #3: How news literate are you?

  • Test your media literacy fitness with these 12 questions.

QUIZ #4: Fighting falsehoods on social media

  • We use them all the time, but what do you know about your favorite social media platform’s misinformation policies? Take this quiz to find out!

QUIZ #5: Can you make sense of data?

  • People who want to influence your opinion often use data to do it. Test your ability to gauge the real meaning behind the data.

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