A unique online quiz produced by Clemson University is helping the public spot signs of fake social media accounts. These accounts, dubbed ‘trolls’, are often created to spread misinformation and distrust. The Spot the Troll quiz tests your ability to distinguish which accounts are real and which are created by professional trolls using 8 different social media profiles.

As you go, you’ll get advice on what to look for and tips on becoming a better news and information consumer.

Typical tactics used by bots and trolls:

  • Unsolicited messages
  • Hyper-active accounts
  • Accounts with no profile image
  • Accounts with stolen profile images
  • Computer generated account names

The quiz and shared insights look beyond the typical tactics listed above. You’ll be reviewing actual accounts, including genuine users and troll accounts. According to quiz creators at Clemson University, “The troll accounts and posts in this quiz have all been linked to Vladimir Putin’s troll factory, the Internet Research Agency.”

Note: Troll accounts are typically run by real humans and social media accounts run by a computer are called bots.