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22 04, 2021

CNN’s Ram Ramgopal shares newsroom inner workings

Speaking with GPB's Leah Fleming, CNN’s Executive Editor talks about how newsrooms gather and vet information, requirements for using anonymous sources, and the differences between journalists and commentators or other content creators.

3 05, 2021

The Biggest Source of Misinformation is Us

In this interview, University of Washington associate professor and author Jevin West talks about whether disinformation is really worse now than in the past, the susceptibility of different age groups to spreading misinformation, changes in how it's spreading, impacts on mental health, and much more.

22 04, 2021

Georgia journalists chat about evolution of hyperlocal news

The Atlanta Press Club hosted this virtual summit to explore community-level reporting, emerging business models and brands, diversity and representation, and other timely topics. The summit is moderated by WSB-TV’s Cobb County Bureau Chief, Chris Jose. Panelists: Adjoa Danso, Canopy Atlanta Mike Jordan, Butter.ATL Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent Keith Pepper, Springs Publishing Dan Whisenhunt, Decaturish

22 04, 2021

The future of local news: Concerning Trends

Part 3 of our talk with media researcher and retired University of Georgia journalism professor Ann Hollifield examines the "grim" outlook for local news. Subjects discussed include the emergence of ghost newspapers, the economic impact of local news on rural communities, and how the outlook for local news varies from national news. Jennifer Grove Camacho, a former news producer, facilitated the interview with Ann Hollifield on behalf of Democracy and the Informed Citizen, an initiative of Georgia Humanities.

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